Accessing Clinical Records

If you are or have been a patient of Clutha Health First you have the right to ask for, and be given, access to your personal health information.

We will get your record to you as soon as possible, but it may take up to 20 working days.

In some cases, it is not appropriate for us to share information and your request may be declined. If this occurs, you will be informed in writing of the decline.


Requesting your Record, or a Dependant’s Record

Information from your own record or the record of a dependant can be requested from the Clinical Records Department. 

Requesting your record is a simple process of filling in a short form, and providing us with some identification. We are very careful to look after your records, and make sure that only the people allowed to view them can do so and this process assists us in this task.

The request form that needs to be filled can be found here. The reverse side of the form gives all the details you need for what paperwork is required. Once filled in, you can either email it (together with a scan of your ID) or post copies of the form and your ID to us at You are also very welcome to bring the paperwork in to Clutha Health First in person.


Requesting any other Person’s Record

Please note, if the request is for the clinical record of someone who is not your dependant (16 years or under) then that person's consent is required in writing. This includes your spouse, parents, adult children, brothers or sisters, as well as anyone else who is not your dependent child. The request and information form gives you details of what paperwork is needed for those sorts of requests.


Requesting Corrections to Your Record

If you feel that there is anything inaccurate in your clinical record, please ring (03) 419 0570 and discuss with our Clinical Records staff or email  If you choose to use email, please outline the details of the correction, and for whom the correction applies (name, DOB, address and NHI number if you have it).

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