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Clutha Health Incorporated (CHI) is an incorporated charitable trust and is the sole shareholder of Clutha Community Health Company Ltd (Clutha Health First).  We are a link between the Clutha District community and Clutha Community Health Company Ltd (Clutha Health First) who provide health care services in the Clutha District. We are a strong advocate for the provision of quality health services for all residents of the Clutha District. The Trustees meet monthly to conduct the business of the incorporated society.

The Board of Trustees is composed of five (5) elected members from the community; One (1) member is appointed by the Clutha District Council and one (1) member is appointed by the  South Otago Waikoau Runanga. In addition, three members are staff members of Clutha Community Health Company Ltd who are appointed through a separate nomination and election process within Clutha Health First; one staff member must be a representative from the general practice.

The community trustees are elected every three years, at the same time as the Local Body triennial elections. The election area covers the entire Clutha District and all voters within the Clutha District are able to put themselves forward for election.

Our Role:

The role of Clutha Health Incorporated is:

  • To appoint directors to Clutha Community Health Company Ltd.
  • Represent and advocate for the provision of quality health services for the community.
  • Maintain and develop the facilities and land leased and occupied by Clutha Health First and Te Whatu Ora for the provision of health services.

Our Trustees


Hamish Anderson
Chair; Community Elected Trustee

Hamish was initially involved with Clutha Health Incorporated as a Clutha District Council representative, and then became an elected community representative to CHI.  Hamish believes that health delivery for our community is critical, and a good health system is essential for our people and the long-term viability of our district. The staff and management of Clutha Health First are to be congratulated on the highly regarded health services we receive today.

Kate Anderson
Community Elected Trustee

Kate lives locally in the Clinton area with her family running a dairy farming operation as well as being a relief teacher in local primary schools for over 20 years.  Kate brings a wealth of experience and skill to the board of CHI from her various involvements in other local governance groups. Kate believes growing a facility with services that meet the needs of the people of South Otago and having the right people driving the direction of CHF through robust governance structures is one of the most important achievements of our local health services.


Phil Atkinson
Community Elected Trustee

Phil lives locally in the district and brings robust management skills to the board including business management and previous involvement in school boards of trustees including being chairman. Phil and his wife are very active members of service organisations in Balclutha and is a strong community advocate. CHF is a high-quality community health provider which focuses on getting the best outcomes possible within the constraints of the health system. The fact that the facility is community owned and has been astutely operated makes me proud to have some input towards ongoing development as part of CHI. Phil believes it is very important, we stay ahead of changes and developments in the delivery of health services to our community.



Paul Hanlon
Community Elected Trustee

Paul moved to the Clutha District and was appointed to the CHI board at the last election in 2019.

Paul brings skills in technology and production management to the board table. Paul is impressed by the performance of Clutha Health First from both the financial and health delivery points of view and believes his key involvement in CHI is to help deliver a health system where the patient is most the important consideration.


Sarah Hayward
Community Elected Trustee

Sarah and her family have lived locally in Balclutha for the past 20 years where they have enjoyed the lifestyle that the district offers. Sarah brings a wide range of experience and professional skills that add value to Clutha Health Incorporated, including financial management, performance management, and strategic thinking. Sarah is an effective leader in working with and supporting others to meet organisational goals, her governance experience has grown from roles on both the kindergarten and school boards. Sarah has been a past co-opted trustee on Clutha Health Incorporated and is a current trustee of the Clutha Licensing Trust. She is keen to be involved in organisations that will support the sustainability of our district. Making it a great place to live, work and play.



Helen Keen
Clutha Health First Staff Elected Trustee

Helen is a Registered Nurse and has been with CHF since its inception in 1999 where she is currently the District Nursing Team Leader. Helen brings years of experience and skill in both clinical and management. Helen's role also allows her to work alongside the Clutha Health Board and participate in decision making that includes strategic planning where CHF’s vision, values and objectives are regularly revised. Helen is in her fifth term with CHI as a staff elect and is proud of the boards achievements in maintaining our community owned facility ensuring it is fit for purpose in this ever-changing environment enabling the delivery of quality and equitable health services to be maintained in the Clutha District. Helen also holds roles on other governance groups within the wider community.



Michelle Kennedy
Clutha District Council appointed Trustee

Michelle resides in West Otago with her husband who owns and operates a sheep farm. Michelle is the local West Otago Councillor on the Clutha District Council and is also the nominated Clutha District Council representative on the Clutha Health Incorporated board of trustees. Michelle is a community-minded person who also holds an active operations role with St John in West Otago.  


Shelley Milne
Clutha Health First Staff Elected Trustee

Shelley lives locally with her husband and teenage children, running a sheep and beef farm in the Clutha Valley area as well as working as a Registered Nurse. Shelley is a longstanding member of staff, having worked across multiple departments over the course of her nursing career. Shelley is currently one of our Registered Nurses providing care to our General Practice patients at Clutha Health First. Shelley has been elected to be one of three staff representatives on Clutha Health Inc by the staff of Clutha Health First. Shelley believes working in healthcare is a challenging job at present - the health system appears to be constantly evolving. Shelley has great pride in the fact that the Clutha District supports our local facility and our amazing staff who are all continually working diligently for our community in these challenging times.



Jolene Ollerenshaw
Clutha Health First Staff Elected Trustee

Jolene was raised in Balclutha and returned to the Clutha District in 2004 to only cover a temporary role as an Occupational Therapist, and she has continued to work at Clutha Health First ever since! Since 2012, Jolene has been the Quality and Risk Co-ordinator,  and she has a wide range of responsibilities including ensuring that our facility complies with all the required external compliance certifications, managing risk, quality improvements, co-ordinates education and manages health and safety and infection prevention and control. Jolene has been a staff-elected representative of Clutha Health Incorporated since 2017.



Ruth Baldwin 
South Otago Waikoau Runanga Representative

Ruth grew up in the Clutha District and has very strong family ties in the area. She has been working and living in South Otago for the past 30 years after spending several years working and living in other parts of NZ. She was on the inaugural South Otago PHO in the early 2000’s and was on the steering committee for the starting up of the local Whanau Ora organisation in Milton which is now known as Tokomairiro Waiora Incorporated. Ruth believes the Clutha District is a great place to live, work and play and is eager to see that we continue to have quality health services that meet the needs of our district.

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