Expanding After Hours Care at Clutha Health First

Clutha Health First in partnership with Emergency Consult is running an 8-week trial project to enable our patients to be seen after hours as soon as possible by an Emergency Medicine Specialist. The use of this telehealth online service will support our community to have access to a specialist medical doctor after hours. This is due to international medical staff shortages, and collectively, many rural and other providers, both within NZ and overseas, are using clinically safe, telehealth medicine to support patient care.

You will be triaged by our Registered Nurse, and then you may be seen by an Emergency Medicine Specialist in an online consultation as part of our healthcare service.

Should you choose not to participate with our emergency medicine doctor online today, you can seek treatment elsewhere i.e. Dunedin Hospital Emergency Department or contact Healthline on 0800 611 116.


How does it work?

Your consultation will be with an experienced Emergency Medicine Specialist, registered with the Medical Council in New Zealand. Our Registered Nurse will stay with you for the duration of the consultation, to support you through this process.

What next?

Once you have seen the telehealth doctor, if needed, the Registered Nurse may organise for you to have some more tests. If this happens you may remain in the facility until the results are reported to the telehealth doctor.

If there is no need for further tests and if required, a prescription may be sent directly to a pharmacy of your choice. Any ACC paperwork or medical certificates will be emailed to you. A copy of your consultation notes will be emailed to you. Your notes will also be sent to your general practitioner (GP), so they can continue your care, unless you request otherwise.

Do I have to pay?

Yes. These are fees associated for services provided after-hours.

What if I need follow up care?

The doctor who sees you for an online appointment can share your notes with your usual general practice (GP) to enable ongoing care. They can also manage any referrals that we would normally provide to other services/hospitals.

Can they issue medical certificates and ACC forms?

Yes. The doctor can complete and send you a medical certificate and ACC paperwork.

What conditions can they treat?

All manner of things, headaches, viral illnesses, chest infections, sexual health advice including emergency contraception prescriptions, skin problems, coughs and colds, medication issues and more.

What if the telehealth doctor thinks I need treatment in the Emergency Department?

You will be referred to the Dunedin ED department.

Will the doctor be able to speak my language?

We can arrange interpretation services; however, it may be helpful to bring someone with you who can help translate if English is not your first language.

What if I have questions or concerns about the telehealth service?

If the telehealth doctor is unable to answer them, please speak to our Nurse. You can call Emergency Consult 24/7 on 0800 300 108 for any questions or issues.

If you use this service and would like to provide feedback, please email us at feedback@chf.co.nz

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